• October 18, 2023
  • Debora Thaler

SwissPollen: Empowering Allergy Sufferers with Real-Time Pollen Insights

Pollen allergies, a common affliction in Europe, can turn the joys of spring/summer into seasons of misery for millions. The discomfort of hay fever affects our daily lives and threatens our health, potentially leading to chronic respiratory conditions. Fortunately, technological advancements have ushered in a new era of allergy management, with the SwissPollen network leading the way. Effective pollen monitoring and forecasting can significantly reduce health costs while improving public health.


The Challenge of Pollen Measurement

The delay has long hindered the accuracy of pollen warnings and forecasts in data collection. Traditional methods involve manually counting pollen samples under a microscope, which takes up to seven days. This delay has left allergy sufferers in the dark, making planning and mitigating symptoms challenging.


The Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring

Our automatic pollen monitoring instruments have revolutionized the field. These instruments can identify different pollen types and measure local pollen concentrations in real-time, providing allergy sufferers with up-to-the-minute information. This breakthrough enables individuals to prepare for high pollen counts, take necessary precautions, and manage their allergies more effectively. Switzerland bases these services on a nationwide, automatic pollen measurement network that has been official since 01.01.2023.  With the launch of the nationwide SwissPollen network, Switzerland has taken a significant step towards improving allergy management. The Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss makes this network possible by utilizing our SwisensPolenos, which offers continuous real-time nationwide pollen monitoring. The network consists of 15 stations (3 to come) observing pollen levels around the clock.


SwissPollen Locations MeteoSwiss, green are existing, and gray are planned locations


The Power of Accurate Forecasts

Real-time pollen data allows for precise forecasting, offering a clearer picture of pollen concentrations throughout the season. Hourly measurements enhance the accuracy of forecasts, enabling early warnings and helping allergy sufferers minimize exposure. It is crucial for allergy sufferers who must plan their activities based on pollen levels. Pollen concentration can fluctuate throughout the day, making hourly resolution measurements invaluable. Identifying the primary allergen pollen in specific regions is vital, as it varies by location. Switzerland provides this valuable information through apps and websites of MeteoSwiss and the Allergy Center Switzerland. Public health officials can use this data to issue timely warnings and safeguard the population.


Swiss Expertise in Pollen Monitoring

We take pride in our Swiss roots and commitment to developing cutting-edge technology. We aim to provide high-precision measuring systems that deliver real-time insights into bioaerosol particles. With the power of machine learning-based software solutions, our products find applications across a broad spectrum of air quality and environmental measurements. Our systems can differentiate between various pollen genera and detect even the slightest changes in pollen concentration.



Pollen allergies no longer need to disrupt our lives and health. With the SwissPollen network and innovative technology like SwisensPoleno, we have the tools to manage allergies effectively. Real-time monitoring and accurate forecasts empower individuals to take control of their allergy symptoms and lead healthier, more productive lives. Switzerland's commitment to this cause sets a remarkable example for the world, offering hope to millions of allergy sufferers. 

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