Our Vision

The earth and our living space is in a state of change, and so is the microcosmos of particles in the air that surrounds us. We make these changes visible. We contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of the air we breathe, the food we eat and the aerosol microcosm with all its facets.

Together with our customers we improve the health and quality of life for people, plants and animals around the world.

Our Mission

To improve health and quality of life for people, plants and animals globally, we need accurate, real-time data with dedicated actions. Both require early detection and selectivity in aerosol particle measurements.

Therefore we develop new technologies and use cutting-edge machine learning models & algorithms for real-time particle monitoring. To ensure the success of our pioneering work, we trust in high quality Swiss engineering as well as strong partnerships with leading academic and industrial partners worldwide.

As a result, we provide precise data enabling new insights on air and soil pollution, atmospheric processes and allergy management. Through automatic and continuous monitoring, our customers first and foremost gain efficiency and effectiveness in their operations making better and faster decisions. And faster decision making enables new business models towards their respective end customers

Detect what’s in the air - Swisens!

 Our Values

Real Interest

We build strong, long-term relationships and show genuine interest in the challenges and needs of our customers, employees and suppliers. We are truly interested in teamwork and offer help proactively.


We continuously and passionately share knowledge in the team with customers and partners. We don’t just deliver products we support our customers so that they can get the best out of our solution and be successful with it.


We keep all our promises and inform transparently when there’s a projected delay in time or quality. When we commit something, all stakeholders can count on us and if there’s a change needed, we will explain why and reach out to our employees, customers & partners.

Radical Innovation

We are passionate pioneers who develop radical innovation - made in Switzerland. We trust in our abilities, are not afraid of bold or new ideas and approaches and enjoy the challenge of creating disruptive solutions.


We meet each other l at eye level and encourage everyone actively to contribute their ideas. We act thoughtfully, and with solid reasoning. We learn from our mistakes, and we are open to challenge each other.


We use all our resources consciously and sustainably whenever possible. We trust in our abilities to act independently and risk-consciously and make the right decisions.