Future standard in pollen monitoring

Stable long-term measurement

Reliably measure and identify local pollen concentrations in real time. High availability thanks to robust design and high-quality technology.


Unsurpassed quality

Digital holography  revolutionizes automated pollen monitoring. Proven key technology continues on its path.

Core element of the network solution

Designed for network use with low maintenance operation. Meets the requirements for autonomous monitoring of pollen concentrations.

Compact lightweight

Suitable for roof installation with low payload. Can be integrated into existing measuring stations due to compact design.


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SwisensPoleno Mars is the latest generation of real-time pollen monitors on the market. Thanks to its technology and network compatibility, SwisensPoleno Mars enables fully autonomous and stable long-term measurement of local pollen concentrations. SwisensPoleno Mars combines the measurement methods of digital holography with artificial intelligence and transparent data analysis to a reliable measurement system for automatic measurement and identification of pollen.

SwisensPoleno Mars briefly explained

SwisensPoleno Mars and its measurement method:

  • Holographic images
  • Pollen identification with machine learning


The most important specifications at a glance:

  • Particle classes within 2 – 300µm
  • Air sampling volume 40l/min
  • Sigma-2 geometry sample inlet
  • Integrated particle concentrator

Further benefits of SwisensPoleno Mars

  • High temporal resolution of local pollen concentrations.
  • Non-invasive measurement method.
  • Immediate verification of identification results.
  • Fully remote operation, configuration and updates.
  • Fast and easy installation.


Developed as future standard in real-time pollen monitoring


Breaking new ground with Swisens

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From particle to screen

From particle to screen

How bioaerosol data gets to users This article describes how we convert individual bioaerosol particles into data available on our screen. In general, we


This is what our
satisfied customers say

Benoît Crouzy

Benoît Crouzy
Surface Data, Project Manager Swiss Automated Pollen Network
Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss

“Swisens has shown to be a service-oriented partner in any case, addressing requests diligently. Our suggestions have always been heard and have been systematically translated in technical improvements. In short, Swisens AG has shown to be strongly oriented towards client and market needs. Finally, the tests we performed with Swisens AG resulted in a fruitful scientific exchange. In all, it is for us a great pleasure to recommend Swisens AG for operational or research projects in the field of automatic pollen measurements.”


The University Of Manchester

Prof Martin Gallagher
Centre for Atmospheric Science,
University of Manchester

“I speak on behalf of my colleagues who are Urban Observatory Principal Investigators and Research Collaborators from the University of Manchester that we have rarely seen, or been provided with such exemplary support as that provided by Swisens. Swisens customer support has been remarkable given the current situation, from remote training and commissioning to rapid support for hardware and software tools specific to our needs to extremely well organised seminars that actually focus on customer feedback and needs. In particular we have been impressed with the Swisens open source data approach and their attention to different users specific needs. Swisens technical innovations has already generated enormous interest in a bioaerosol-aerobiology community that until recently has been limited with respect to real-world and near real-time detection and importantly quantification of airborne bioaerosol concentrations. Their approach has developed significant rapport with multi-disciplinary researchers and Swisens should be lauded for this.”


Mikhail Sofiev

Mikhail Sofiev
Research Professor
Atmospheric Composition Research Department
Finnish Meteorological Institute

“The Finnish Meteorological Institute is very satisfied with the cooperation of Swisens AG. The agreed research and development programme is progressing well and mutual openness and collaborative atmosphere strongly supports it. Swisens participated in a workshop and supported the scientists in recording the test data based on the cooperation agreement. A particular outcome of the workshop was a new procedure for the calibration of real-time monitoring systems based on the SwisensAtomizer. It has been proven to deliver cleaner results than the approaches tried so far in different countries. FMI is very satisfied with cooperation of Swisens AG. Our suggestions regarding software tools were quickly accepted and implemented by Swisens engineers. We are indeed happy to work with Swisens and start opening real-time data to professionals in Finland.”



Debora Käser
Team Leader
Department for Work Safety / Health Protection

“Being able to aerosolize different powder samples in the lab to perform experiments related to occupational health has been one of our challenges. With the SwisensAtomizer at hand, we now have a small device which helps us to produce a stable dust atmosphere to load filters in a consistent manner, serving as calibration filters for later analysis. Swisens AG has always shown great support concerning our demands on the SwisensAtomizer. We are delighted to collaborate with Swisens AG.”